Friday, December 2, 2011

Tonight tonight! There's only you tonight!

Man, you'd think I was a whiny little bitch for how much of a snot I've been to have my luggage lifted this week. The truth of the matter is that I miss my Cabana Boy and his great service to me when we are together. This week I've experienced (TMI, pfft) a second period in two weeks. The hormonal influx makes me a bit whimpery and desirous of closeness, cuddles and petting.  As horny as we've both been, my interest in spending time with him this week has been wanting for comfort rather than sex. My two big dumb lumps of cats don't even give me the time of day let alone cuddles. 

Tonight I get to see Mr. Maus, I pick him up at 8pm. I have until then to decide what I'm going to do with him.  Due to being bleedy and kind of moody, the game may be a bit more firm, possibly even bordering on cruel. I was planning on milking him, but  I've been seriously considering leaving him locked for our visit - as much as I'd like to let him out so that I may ride my cock, he's not exactly been on the very best of behavior, though with good intentions. He reports that he's been practicing some independent ass training in the better interest of accommodating my full hand. Our rules don't include specifics on masturbation, just that there will be consequences for an "independent accidental emission".  If I were doing what he was doing I would definitely be masturbating - again we don't have rules against masturbating, just orgasm. I may tighten that up a little bit.  I'm not masturbating, perhaps he shouldn't be either. Mr. Maus  says that he hasn't derived much pleasure from his efforts.  Much is some. 

The game and the rules are new and I am disinclined to change them without agreed upon terms.  He did suggest a couple of changes that I feel are worth considering: 1. adding a goal structure e.g. he must give me 100 orgasms before he is allowed to have one and; 2. adding dice rolls for good and bad behavior, time off and time added respectively.  Perhaps an amendment is in order to  update for masturbation and some appropriation of his suggestions.  I'm of the mind to have well defined expectations - it is a personal thing that reaches deep into my psyche, but with this game having undefined expectations could add to the suspense.  

Regardless of whether I let him out or not, milk him or not, I'm very much looking forward to being worshiped for a bit. I want him to shave me, "tantric massage" is in order and he needs to fuck me that's for damn sure, with a strap-on or a sleeve is yet to be decided (unlocked being the deciding factor)... I'm leaning towards whichever will be the most torturous, at the moment that's the mood I'm in.

He could try to brighten my mood with some very compelling begging. I think I'd just like to see that, the effort might be amusing.  
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