Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Christmas Miracle & Another Roll

I must confess I was incredibly horny by the time Mr. Maus arrived on Christmas Eve. I maintained serious willpower to not rip his clothes off as soon as I saw him. He'd already had a really long day, well week, and I wanted him to have the energy to play along with me, so I waited him out. Although we managed to squeak out his long awaited orgasm. I was way too horny to play any reindeer games, I wanted an orgasm promptly and I was gonna make it happen with pressing swiftness. I figure we have LOTS of time to get into mind fuckery. 

This was our first Christmas together and the holiday was perfectly awesomesauce. We slept late, cooked lots of ridiculous food and ate damn near all of it, went to a movie (The Artist) then came home and watched another movie (Down With Love) staying up late and then he was too tired for reindeer games and went to sleep (which is reasonable, it was 5am or some such). I might consider pushing in the future, he does want to be objectified and if I want to fuck, then I get to fuck according to the agreement we have. I may be too considerate ;-)
We did a new dice roll with the added rule of not revealing how long he'll be locked. I like this variable, I think it makes my thoughts a little more devious. I still haven't wrapped him in cling wrap like I wanted to recently, I have lots and lots of duct tape with his name on it, as well I brought some plaster home from school to play at some encapsulation (not enough to get into too much trouble though). I have begun looking for more challenging tease materials for him which has been fun for me =)
As we move to the New Year he again has a busy week having just moved house and planning a NYE party in the new place. I'm going to help whip that joint into shape! For the sake of the party I think we're just shoving stuff into corners but afterwards it'll be the new place with no roommates or pesky cats to affect the moods of love.

Here's to fresh beginnings!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Maybe New Years?

The last few weeks have been nutty for the Mr and I, for a variety of different reasons. We haven't spent a ton of time together and we've both been incapacitated either with a laundry list of things to do or ... I keep messing up my neck/back working on art projects (at least they've been for good reason). I've also had another surprisingly short menstrual cycle taking all of the fun out of being a girl. Today is the first day in a couple of weeks that I have felt even the tiniest stirring in my nether regions, my neck and back pain must be backing off some if I'm feeling randy.  I might see Mr. Maus tonight for a little bit if he gives himself a break. I very likely won't see him until Sunday when I expect he'll be wiped out from work and work and more work.  That load is due to end very soon.  As of today he's been locked for 33 days, he will likely be locked for a few more days just as a matter of timing. At this point Christmas day may be spent zonked out on the couch rather than having athletic sex and multiple orgasms. Well I guess that would be me having the athletic sex and multiple orgasms, I usually have him fairly well restrained. Perhaps we'll have to push it out to New Years. I don't really want to push it it that long, but we may have to. I'm just hoping that I don't screw up my back doing something completely innocuous or have another erratic out of cycle period. One week is certainly long enough for me to muster up some kind of calamity. 

Mr. Maus reports that's just about lost his mind. Experiencing erections and near accidental ejaculations from even the most whimsical thought. Poor baby, it would suck to have to suffer the consequences of an accidental emission at this late stage, perhaps another 22 days seems like nothing after overshooting the original date by 11 days already.

Neither of us anticipated winding it out this long. Not on purpose anyway. Funnily enough, when we began with the dice game the possibility of rolling a 36 made him whimper, and here he's almost surpassed the longest possible roll. 


Friday, December 16, 2011

Come and Gone

Finals week is over!  School is out for a month and I am so ready for the break, (now it's time to catch up on sleep). Mr Mause worked a double the other night and then came to my place to spend the night as we had a daytime date for my birthday.  Brunch out and a matinee was the most perfect way to spend the day.  Turning 43 doesn't warrant much fanfare really.

I had planned on giving Mr. Maus his overdue orgasm but the stars were not aligned, in fact they are completely out of whack.  Last week while I was working on one of my final art projects I incurred some gnarly muscle strain in my neck from working in a funny posture and repetitive motion in said funny posture which has affected my ability to do, well, anything without a lot of scary neck pain. So instead of me working him over, Mr. Maus gave me a massage. I understand he wasn't really in the mood either, with extra work and his move (which hasn't happened yet) being very stressful. There are a couple of other cards stacked against an orgasm happening for either of us, however these two examples are the most relevant. If I had full use of all of my faculties I would have tried to push him out of his head and back into his body for a while to give him a break from his stressors. 

Mr. Maus is now at 28 days and it is looking like it will be Christmas (35 days) before we see each other again where there will be a possibility of him achieving an orgasm.  This roll of the dice has gone from 22 days to 35 at least.  At this point it truly is unpredictable. 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Keeping it Simple

Sometimes the simple things are the best. 

After a late start last night, getting to bed at 2am and a busy day for both of us today, we established a shorter than usual sexy-time session, I set an alarm for 3 hours. THREE HOURS? Yes, that's a short period of time for us. It's kind of hard to get wound up, warmed up and, sufficiently take care of business in just 3 hours. With such a limited time frame I thought to keep it simple by not getting into bondage or crazy restraints and stuck with teasing by way of plain ol' vanilla sex with the twist of denial.

We started with my orgasm, with considerably less alcohol than last week but probably still too much, an orgasm was achievable. I'm getting better at managing to speak while he's going down on me, usually I'm too into my body to give direction but I managed to string some syllables together that must have sounded like something to go on; he got me very close at which point I added my trusty vibrator to the mix to take it all the way home. I think my lyrical, informal research on my own orgasm control, denial and no touching or masturbation is demonstrating that all of it works on me too. As much as I hate the idea of exchanging my lover giving me an orgasm every week for the incredible frustration of denial - the orgasms I have after a long denial are amazing and they seem to get incrementally better the longer I go between orgasms. Mr. Maus, lets talk about making this game mutual somehow.
Anyhoodle, as we were into it I was thinking, for a guy who likes to pull out the stops for freaky-deaky heavy bondage he is really getting into this vanilla business. Well, not entirely vanilla I suppose, maybe an exotic bourbon vanilla. After some p-spot massage I inserted our largest plug into him and then as they say in the land if my people, 'I fucked the shit out of him'. He was amusingly talkative saying things like "I don't think I can hold it for another week" but he was a very good boy and managed to contain himself when I had another orgasm while riding his cock. My favorite utterance of the night was, "I can't wait to do this every day." Awww Mr. that's so sweet! (I nuzzled his neck and breathed in the smell of him in that moment to lock that sweetness into my memory.) If we did do that every day, I still won't let you cum, I love it all too much. How will we ever get out of the house?
I'm of the mind to think that exotic bourbon vanilla penetrative sex might be the most cruel form of denial ever. Mr. Maus seemed to be really struggling with control. Poor booboo, maybe next week.
As he was leaving today, we were fiddling with keys (I loaned him my truck), I discovered a key to his chastity lock on his keyring. Dude! In all fairness he was unaware that it was there, or what it went to. I tested the key to confirm and then took it from him to "safety seal". I've placed it in a tiny envelope, initialed and sealed with wax. it'll easily live in his wallet with no hindrance or impedance to his daily life. He has stated that there was a time or two he felt like he needed an emergency key because of pain he was experiencing at the time. Mr. Maus is a bicycle commuter, presently our region is experiencing below freezing temperatures, brr brr brr. Perhaps I'll make him a fleece ball warmer to wear for commuting <snicker>.

Emergency key security envelope, 1.5 inches square. Tiny!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

No Telling!

I've been hearing Mr. Maus say that he likes the idea of the unpredictability and, the randomness of the dice game. He has said it enough times that I thought it warranted some consideration and so proposed to him that I do all of the dice rolling and not reveal when he's to be unlocked.  I also suggested that we do a different roll to determine how long he'll be free after a chastity cycle, but he's not so into that one - he said if it can be hours rather than days then he'd go for it.  I'm considering it.  

I'm still wrapping my head around and accepting the denial part of this game. I like to make him cum. I like to bear witness to the wonderful majesty of a man rapt in the throws of an orgasm. I love to hear the hints of panic as he declares "I'm gonna cum!" And then blam-O!  I think it's some other-envy. I don't cum that hard and I wish like hell that I did. To be honest I always wondered why a guy would bother to say he's about to cum... now I understand it's to be told "no don't, not yet" oh if only I'd learned that lesson 20 years ago.

I pick up Mr. Maus later tonight for our regular date night. I haven't given any thought whatsoever to what I'm going to do with him ;-) If he's good and he gives me an orgasm this week, I'll edge him for a (long) while. I love that game. 

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Forbidden Fruit

I think the first time he locked himself for me, I didn't know until much later that night. I did notice that he was more playful in spirit and action and thought to myself, 'wow, what's gotten into him, he's delightful tonight'. We had attended a friends house warming party, it was one of the few times we've gone out to be social with friends, (our relationship is new, we've only known each other since May 2011), so I don't have much of a social meter for him, but he seemed effervescent.  When we got back to my place he was very attentive to me, kissing my neck, petting my back, huggy, big smiles and giggles and come to think of it I think he fixed something in my kitchen that night. 

When it was time to get busy he seemed apprehensive about getting all the way undressed. If I recall correctly, and I may not, I encouraged him to drop trou and join me in bed. This is when he revealed that he was locked in chastity. I'd never seen anything like it. I was fascinated. My first reactions were something to the tune of "quick lets get you out of there!" thinking the device was a painful trap of some kind. I asked for the keys to the lock so that I could release him from this obvious torture device.

Unlocking Mr. Maus for the first time was magical, I was confounded by how his beautiful engorged cock could fit into the small device. When I removed the lock and released the grip of the cage, it was like peeling fruit that grows before your eyes! Everything about his cock was a little different, it was a little moist, he quickly had a raging hard on with amazing surface tension and he exhibited a greater depth of sensitivity to my touch.  My first instincts were to wrap my hand around him and pet him, then kiss it to welcome it back into the world, sooth the savageness of being locked into chastity and to make up for it's imprisonment by inviting him into me.

I get very excited about seeing him so that I can fondle and cajole him, peel his clothes off and rub myself on him. I am so completely and totally turned on by him that I can't keep myself off of him. "Climb him like a jungle gym" comes to mind.  And I really enjoy unwrapping the secret toy surprise in the box. 

Pushing It To 27 Days

We just added five days Mr. Maus's time locked in chastity.

When he rolled a 22 last time, he was slated to be released on the 12th which is a fairly inconvenient day really. I have four final projects due that week, Mr. Maus is moving house on the 14th and since my birthday is on the following Saturday I might as well push his release date back for his maximum enjoyment of the occasion rather than rush it on the 12th for the sake of doing it on the 12th.

In the ten plus years Mr. Maus has been playing with chastity the longest he's reported being locked was eight days, once was the dice roll previous to the 22 and another instance being the duration after handing me the keys, neither of us knew when he'd be unlocked between our busy schedules. Now he's gone from eight to 27 days in one jump. At present he's at 18 days and reports that he's doing just fine as he's got other things of import on his mind.

I have already told him that I've been considering giving him some time out of the cage after his release. That duration is yet to be decided, perhaps we'll do a dice roll to determine that too. He says he likes the unpredictable randomness of the dice.

Saturday, December 3, 2011


Yesterday I neglected to eat. Mr. Maus aka Cabana Boy does a fairly good job of ensuring that I eat, I do not do so well with this task and wold probably starve to death if he didn't remind me. I spent the day engrossed in homework avoidance tactics (looking at naughty pictures on the internet), and thinking about what I was going to do with Mr. Maus when I saw him. Right before I ran out the door to make my way to his place I munched a hunk of cheese, just enough that I wouldn't be cranky and starving until dinner was ready and, I was going to the grocery on the way to his place, going to the store hungry is always a bad idea.. I grabbed a couple bottles of wine and some mixer for the booze we already have, that's where my priorities lay. Did I get food-food? No. By the time we got back to my place, we both wanted a cocktail; Cabana Boy makes stiff drinks! I had one big drink and a glass of wine while making dinner, having eaten nothing more than a hunk of cheese all day got dee-runk quickly.  I'm a tall-ish woman, I'm 42 and a lightly padded athletic person, not light, not heavy, not little, and holy cow I got so tipsy I barely remember the early portion of our evening. 

We talked for a while about a couple of blog posts, yesterdays here (so that he was up to speed on what I was thinking), and one I've been sitting on for a couple of months on my other blog, the topic on the table is significant enough to warrant discussion, the chastity is a game, playing D/s is a game, he is my partner, I love and respect him tremendously. He blessed the post and I published it right then and there. 

After talking I unlocked Mr. Maus and we took a shower together where he shaved my pussy -- that must have brought me back around, as well my dinner  must have soaked into my system as I returned to a buzzed state and stayed there. After the shower I had him to put on a green satin teddy I had laid out for him. I told him to get into a submissive pose - for as kinky and submissive as Mr. Maus is, he has apparently never actually been properly topped for he was unfamiliar with this posture, or he was playing me to show him so that he would do it absolutely correctly -- once in his place before me I asked him to justify his transgressions of the week.  We agreed that independent ass training qualifies and masturbating and, we agreed that he is not allowed to masturbate himself.  While he talked I stroked his cock through the satin of the lingerie, I love watching his body shudder with pleasure under my touch, to hear his breath catch and to see his train of thought derailed is highly amusing and sexy at the same time.  

We also agreed that he owed me at least one orgasm. I fully expected that to be a brief exercise, but  no, no it wasn't. He had me on the edge for what seemed like forever but I didn't orgasm at all, it felt so good I didn't want it to stop, but I was trying to cum, maybe trying too hard. Maybe too tipsy. When we stopped for a break, I looked at the clock when I got up and it was almost 6 am!  He was edging me forever!  SIX in the morning! At that point we called it a night, good college try but too tired to cary on.  

I didn't get to torture him at all! I'm a little sad, I was looking forward to seeing how his independent ass training worked out. I had every intention of stuffing my dirty panties in his mouth, duct taping them in place; cling wrapping his whole body, cutting a hole to pull his cock and balls through and then bending him over to cut a hole for his ass; place a bowl under him; then fisting him until I milked his prostate dry.  I was anxious to hear him whine about feeling like he had to pee so I could tell him to  pee in the bowl. He keeps stopping to use the toilet when I think we're getting somewhere, I want to break him of that so that he learns the different sensations. I wanted to milk him so I can fuck him until I cum. As noted above, that could take hours. Next week I guess.  He's lucky I'm not this mean (NSFW). 

He slept in the green teddy, which I can't imagine was very comfortable. When I woke up today I thought "Man I want to orgasm". I found a pair of scissors and cut the teddy off his body and climbed on top of him to rub my pussy up and down his cock to make it hard so I could fuck him... It was clear his head was somewhere else, distracted by something more powerful than my naked body on top of his. Work. Damnit!  Before he got dressed I handed him a pair of my panties and a bra to wear under his clothes. If he was going to leave me to work on his house then the grip of my dainties was to be wrapped around his balls. 

Back in the cage he goes for another 10 days maybe longer as I'm in the throws of final projects. He is due to come out for an orgasm on the 12th, my last day of finals for the semester is the 16th, my birthday is the 17th, he may just have to wait until the 17th. At that point what is five more days? I, on the other hand may just have to rub one out so that I can focus on my homework rather than obsessing on sex.

When we talked last night he said something I thought was really funny - that he thinks I may be  kinkier than he is, or at least as kinky as he is. I find this amusing because I don't really think of myself as very kinky at all, and I think of him as truly perverted. It's all perspective I guess. 

Friday, December 2, 2011

Tonight tonight! There's only you tonight!

Man, you'd think I was a whiny little bitch for how much of a snot I've been to have my luggage lifted this week. The truth of the matter is that I miss my Cabana Boy and his great service to me when we are together. This week I've experienced (TMI, pfft) a second period in two weeks. The hormonal influx makes me a bit whimpery and desirous of closeness, cuddles and petting.  As horny as we've both been, my interest in spending time with him this week has been wanting for comfort rather than sex. My two big dumb lumps of cats don't even give me the time of day let alone cuddles. 

Tonight I get to see Mr. Maus, I pick him up at 8pm. I have until then to decide what I'm going to do with him.  Due to being bleedy and kind of moody, the game may be a bit more firm, possibly even bordering on cruel. I was planning on milking him, but  I've been seriously considering leaving him locked for our visit - as much as I'd like to let him out so that I may ride my cock, he's not exactly been on the very best of behavior, though with good intentions. He reports that he's been practicing some independent ass training in the better interest of accommodating my full hand. Our rules don't include specifics on masturbation, just that there will be consequences for an "independent accidental emission".  If I were doing what he was doing I would definitely be masturbating - again we don't have rules against masturbating, just orgasm. I may tighten that up a little bit.  I'm not masturbating, perhaps he shouldn't be either. Mr. Maus  says that he hasn't derived much pleasure from his efforts.  Much is some. 

The game and the rules are new and I am disinclined to change them without agreed upon terms.  He did suggest a couple of changes that I feel are worth considering: 1. adding a goal structure e.g. he must give me 100 orgasms before he is allowed to have one and; 2. adding dice rolls for good and bad behavior, time off and time added respectively.  Perhaps an amendment is in order to  update for masturbation and some appropriation of his suggestions.  I'm of the mind to have well defined expectations - it is a personal thing that reaches deep into my psyche, but with this game having undefined expectations could add to the suspense.  

Regardless of whether I let him out or not, milk him or not, I'm very much looking forward to being worshiped for a bit. I want him to shave me, "tantric massage" is in order and he needs to fuck me that's for damn sure, with a strap-on or a sleeve is yet to be decided (unlocked being the deciding factor)... I'm leaning towards whichever will be the most torturous, at the moment that's the mood I'm in.

He could try to brighten my mood with some very compelling begging. I think I'd just like to see that, the effort might be amusing.  
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