Thursday, December 8, 2011

Pushing It To 27 Days

We just added five days Mr. Maus's time locked in chastity.

When he rolled a 22 last time, he was slated to be released on the 12th which is a fairly inconvenient day really. I have four final projects due that week, Mr. Maus is moving house on the 14th and since my birthday is on the following Saturday I might as well push his release date back for his maximum enjoyment of the occasion rather than rush it on the 12th for the sake of doing it on the 12th.

In the ten plus years Mr. Maus has been playing with chastity the longest he's reported being locked was eight days, once was the dice roll previous to the 22 and another instance being the duration after handing me the keys, neither of us knew when he'd be unlocked between our busy schedules. Now he's gone from eight to 27 days in one jump. At present he's at 18 days and reports that he's doing just fine as he's got other things of import on his mind.

I have already told him that I've been considering giving him some time out of the cage after his release. That duration is yet to be decided, perhaps we'll do a dice roll to determine that too. He says he likes the unpredictable randomness of the dice.

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