Thursday, December 8, 2011

Forbidden Fruit

I think the first time he locked himself for me, I didn't know until much later that night. I did notice that he was more playful in spirit and action and thought to myself, 'wow, what's gotten into him, he's delightful tonight'. We had attended a friends house warming party, it was one of the few times we've gone out to be social with friends, (our relationship is new, we've only known each other since May 2011), so I don't have much of a social meter for him, but he seemed effervescent.  When we got back to my place he was very attentive to me, kissing my neck, petting my back, huggy, big smiles and giggles and come to think of it I think he fixed something in my kitchen that night. 

When it was time to get busy he seemed apprehensive about getting all the way undressed. If I recall correctly, and I may not, I encouraged him to drop trou and join me in bed. This is when he revealed that he was locked in chastity. I'd never seen anything like it. I was fascinated. My first reactions were something to the tune of "quick lets get you out of there!" thinking the device was a painful trap of some kind. I asked for the keys to the lock so that I could release him from this obvious torture device.

Unlocking Mr. Maus for the first time was magical, I was confounded by how his beautiful engorged cock could fit into the small device. When I removed the lock and released the grip of the cage, it was like peeling fruit that grows before your eyes! Everything about his cock was a little different, it was a little moist, he quickly had a raging hard on with amazing surface tension and he exhibited a greater depth of sensitivity to my touch.  My first instincts were to wrap my hand around him and pet him, then kiss it to welcome it back into the world, sooth the savageness of being locked into chastity and to make up for it's imprisonment by inviting him into me.

I get very excited about seeing him so that I can fondle and cajole him, peel his clothes off and rub myself on him. I am so completely and totally turned on by him that I can't keep myself off of him. "Climb him like a jungle gym" comes to mind.  And I really enjoy unwrapping the secret toy surprise in the box. 

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