Friday, December 23, 2011

Maybe New Years?

The last few weeks have been nutty for the Mr and I, for a variety of different reasons. We haven't spent a ton of time together and we've both been incapacitated either with a laundry list of things to do or ... I keep messing up my neck/back working on art projects (at least they've been for good reason). I've also had another surprisingly short menstrual cycle taking all of the fun out of being a girl. Today is the first day in a couple of weeks that I have felt even the tiniest stirring in my nether regions, my neck and back pain must be backing off some if I'm feeling randy.  I might see Mr. Maus tonight for a little bit if he gives himself a break. I very likely won't see him until Sunday when I expect he'll be wiped out from work and work and more work.  That load is due to end very soon.  As of today he's been locked for 33 days, he will likely be locked for a few more days just as a matter of timing. At this point Christmas day may be spent zonked out on the couch rather than having athletic sex and multiple orgasms. Well I guess that would be me having the athletic sex and multiple orgasms, I usually have him fairly well restrained. Perhaps we'll have to push it out to New Years. I don't really want to push it it that long, but we may have to. I'm just hoping that I don't screw up my back doing something completely innocuous or have another erratic out of cycle period. One week is certainly long enough for me to muster up some kind of calamity. 

Mr. Maus reports that's just about lost his mind. Experiencing erections and near accidental ejaculations from even the most whimsical thought. Poor baby, it would suck to have to suffer the consequences of an accidental emission at this late stage, perhaps another 22 days seems like nothing after overshooting the original date by 11 days already.

Neither of us anticipated winding it out this long. Not on purpose anyway. Funnily enough, when we began with the dice game the possibility of rolling a 36 made him whimper, and here he's almost surpassed the longest possible roll. 


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