Friday, December 16, 2011

Come and Gone

Finals week is over!  School is out for a month and I am so ready for the break, (now it's time to catch up on sleep). Mr Mause worked a double the other night and then came to my place to spend the night as we had a daytime date for my birthday.  Brunch out and a matinee was the most perfect way to spend the day.  Turning 43 doesn't warrant much fanfare really.

I had planned on giving Mr. Maus his overdue orgasm but the stars were not aligned, in fact they are completely out of whack.  Last week while I was working on one of my final art projects I incurred some gnarly muscle strain in my neck from working in a funny posture and repetitive motion in said funny posture which has affected my ability to do, well, anything without a lot of scary neck pain. So instead of me working him over, Mr. Maus gave me a massage. I understand he wasn't really in the mood either, with extra work and his move (which hasn't happened yet) being very stressful. There are a couple of other cards stacked against an orgasm happening for either of us, however these two examples are the most relevant. If I had full use of all of my faculties I would have tried to push him out of his head and back into his body for a while to give him a break from his stressors. 

Mr. Maus is now at 28 days and it is looking like it will be Christmas (35 days) before we see each other again where there will be a possibility of him achieving an orgasm.  This roll of the dice has gone from 22 days to 35 at least.  At this point it truly is unpredictable. 

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