Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Christmas Miracle & Another Roll

I must confess I was incredibly horny by the time Mr. Maus arrived on Christmas Eve. I maintained serious willpower to not rip his clothes off as soon as I saw him. He'd already had a really long day, well week, and I wanted him to have the energy to play along with me, so I waited him out. Although we managed to squeak out his long awaited orgasm. I was way too horny to play any reindeer games, I wanted an orgasm promptly and I was gonna make it happen with pressing swiftness. I figure we have LOTS of time to get into mind fuckery. 

This was our first Christmas together and the holiday was perfectly awesomesauce. We slept late, cooked lots of ridiculous food and ate damn near all of it, went to a movie (The Artist) then came home and watched another movie (Down With Love) staying up late and then he was too tired for reindeer games and went to sleep (which is reasonable, it was 5am or some such). I might consider pushing in the future, he does want to be objectified and if I want to fuck, then I get to fuck according to the agreement we have. I may be too considerate ;-)
We did a new dice roll with the added rule of not revealing how long he'll be locked. I like this variable, I think it makes my thoughts a little more devious. I still haven't wrapped him in cling wrap like I wanted to recently, I have lots and lots of duct tape with his name on it, as well I brought some plaster home from school to play at some encapsulation (not enough to get into too much trouble though). I have begun looking for more challenging tease materials for him which has been fun for me =)
As we move to the New Year he again has a busy week having just moved house and planning a NYE party in the new place. I'm going to help whip that joint into shape! For the sake of the party I think we're just shoving stuff into corners but afterwards it'll be the new place with no roommates or pesky cats to affect the moods of love.

Here's to fresh beginnings!

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