Sunday, December 11, 2011

Keeping it Simple

Sometimes the simple things are the best. 

After a late start last night, getting to bed at 2am and a busy day for both of us today, we established a shorter than usual sexy-time session, I set an alarm for 3 hours. THREE HOURS? Yes, that's a short period of time for us. It's kind of hard to get wound up, warmed up and, sufficiently take care of business in just 3 hours. With such a limited time frame I thought to keep it simple by not getting into bondage or crazy restraints and stuck with teasing by way of plain ol' vanilla sex with the twist of denial.

We started with my orgasm, with considerably less alcohol than last week but probably still too much, an orgasm was achievable. I'm getting better at managing to speak while he's going down on me, usually I'm too into my body to give direction but I managed to string some syllables together that must have sounded like something to go on; he got me very close at which point I added my trusty vibrator to the mix to take it all the way home. I think my lyrical, informal research on my own orgasm control, denial and no touching or masturbation is demonstrating that all of it works on me too. As much as I hate the idea of exchanging my lover giving me an orgasm every week for the incredible frustration of denial - the orgasms I have after a long denial are amazing and they seem to get incrementally better the longer I go between orgasms. Mr. Maus, lets talk about making this game mutual somehow.
Anyhoodle, as we were into it I was thinking, for a guy who likes to pull out the stops for freaky-deaky heavy bondage he is really getting into this vanilla business. Well, not entirely vanilla I suppose, maybe an exotic bourbon vanilla. After some p-spot massage I inserted our largest plug into him and then as they say in the land if my people, 'I fucked the shit out of him'. He was amusingly talkative saying things like "I don't think I can hold it for another week" but he was a very good boy and managed to contain himself when I had another orgasm while riding his cock. My favorite utterance of the night was, "I can't wait to do this every day." Awww Mr. that's so sweet! (I nuzzled his neck and breathed in the smell of him in that moment to lock that sweetness into my memory.) If we did do that every day, I still won't let you cum, I love it all too much. How will we ever get out of the house?
I'm of the mind to think that exotic bourbon vanilla penetrative sex might be the most cruel form of denial ever. Mr. Maus seemed to be really struggling with control. Poor booboo, maybe next week.
As he was leaving today, we were fiddling with keys (I loaned him my truck), I discovered a key to his chastity lock on his keyring. Dude! In all fairness he was unaware that it was there, or what it went to. I tested the key to confirm and then took it from him to "safety seal". I've placed it in a tiny envelope, initialed and sealed with wax. it'll easily live in his wallet with no hindrance or impedance to his daily life. He has stated that there was a time or two he felt like he needed an emergency key because of pain he was experiencing at the time. Mr. Maus is a bicycle commuter, presently our region is experiencing below freezing temperatures, brr brr brr. Perhaps I'll make him a fleece ball warmer to wear for commuting <snicker>.

Emergency key security envelope, 1.5 inches square. Tiny!

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