About The Mauses

The Mauses are a couple practicing male chastity, tease and denial and power exchange within our relationship. This blog chronicles our thoughts on our experiences as we venture through this experience together. We are chronologically middle-aged, childless and "active".   

Ms. Maus: Photographer, full time student; Creative, vulnerable, fun; Techie, logical, serious and; Badd-ass, bold, fearless! Hetero-queer, genderfuck, tom-boy, girlfag; Pierced, tattooed, punk-ish; Dark but bright, fast but slow; Sagittarius.

Mr. E. Maus: Slave; Filmmaker, artist; Voyeur, lurker; Hetero-queer, genderfuck, sissy-boy, guydyke; Quiet; Neutral tone; Kinky as fuck; Taurus.

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