Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mr. Maus is getting cagey

When Mr. Maus and I parted last Saturday he said something about lifting my luggage Tuesday, I was pretty stoked about that honestly. Frankly I needed some attention right then but had a big pile of homework to get to and he had a lot of work to get done on his house. Tuesday has come and gone. He had proposed a reasonable postponement, a delay I can't see fault in but he did not suggest an alternative. In the last few days he's mentioned that he's eager to be let out of his cage and, stretch out a bit while attending to my needs. Apparently not eager enough to make it happen though. It looks like  it'll be our regular Saturday before we see each other again. That'll be two weeks without much more than a friendly grope. 

I sometimes use our late night chat session as an opportunity to tease him, we swap video links, images and type through scenes, it's great fun as I know he's squirming on the other end.   Last night while we were chatting he sent me a couple of pictures of my cock smooshing out of it's cage. (If I knew how to get them off of my phone I'd share them with you (maybe Mr. Maus can do that for me)). My poor cock! I was instantly compelled to want lick the flesh ballooning through the holes of his CB3K, to kiss my cock to make it feel better. He said that if I got anywhere near him with my tongue he's probably faint. My reaction to that is a desire to train him. With an ice pack! To test his boundaries farther (yes farther). To milk him dry without releasing my cock from it's cage. Once he's been drained then maybe I'll remove the chastity device to torture him wantonly. I have needs. 

He seems hesitant. It seems Mr. Maus might be stringing us along with some denial of his own. He continues to drop hints about extending his stay in his cage. A day here, a couple extra days there, and last night he planted the idea of an accidental emission...
If he has an accidental emission during teasing he will begin the previously determined locked period (by the last dice roll) again, thereby extending his release date. 
Mr. Maus is toying with extending his stay in his cage by another 22 days.  

I'm on to you Mr. Maus. I'm on to you. I'm driving this train babe. You gave me the keys and the control. I decide how much you are to endure, when you cum and how long you'll be locked. 

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