Saturday, December 10, 2011

No Telling!

I've been hearing Mr. Maus say that he likes the idea of the unpredictability and, the randomness of the dice game. He has said it enough times that I thought it warranted some consideration and so proposed to him that I do all of the dice rolling and not reveal when he's to be unlocked.  I also suggested that we do a different roll to determine how long he'll be free after a chastity cycle, but he's not so into that one - he said if it can be hours rather than days then he'd go for it.  I'm considering it.  

I'm still wrapping my head around and accepting the denial part of this game. I like to make him cum. I like to bear witness to the wonderful majesty of a man rapt in the throws of an orgasm. I love to hear the hints of panic as he declares "I'm gonna cum!" And then blam-O!  I think it's some other-envy. I don't cum that hard and I wish like hell that I did. To be honest I always wondered why a guy would bother to say he's about to cum... now I understand it's to be told "no don't, not yet" oh if only I'd learned that lesson 20 years ago.

I pick up Mr. Maus later tonight for our regular date night. I haven't given any thought whatsoever to what I'm going to do with him ;-) If he's good and he gives me an orgasm this week, I'll edge him for a (long) while. I love that game. 

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  1. Hi Mauses:
    Just found your blog and I enjoy reading your experiences. Hope to catch up on all your posts.

    We are in the opposite camp: my wife's orgasms seem far better and more spectacular than my own. It's as if her orgasm is "good enough for both of us". There have been times when she is just not in the mood and graciously gives me a handjob, and my ejaculation turns her on so much that she changes her mind and uses her trusty vibrator. I think it's fair to say that we are both turned on by one another's climaxes, but me more so than her.