Saturday, December 3, 2011


Yesterday I neglected to eat. Mr. Maus aka Cabana Boy does a fairly good job of ensuring that I eat, I do not do so well with this task and wold probably starve to death if he didn't remind me. I spent the day engrossed in homework avoidance tactics (looking at naughty pictures on the internet), and thinking about what I was going to do with Mr. Maus when I saw him. Right before I ran out the door to make my way to his place I munched a hunk of cheese, just enough that I wouldn't be cranky and starving until dinner was ready and, I was going to the grocery on the way to his place, going to the store hungry is always a bad idea.. I grabbed a couple bottles of wine and some mixer for the booze we already have, that's where my priorities lay. Did I get food-food? No. By the time we got back to my place, we both wanted a cocktail; Cabana Boy makes stiff drinks! I had one big drink and a glass of wine while making dinner, having eaten nothing more than a hunk of cheese all day got dee-runk quickly.  I'm a tall-ish woman, I'm 42 and a lightly padded athletic person, not light, not heavy, not little, and holy cow I got so tipsy I barely remember the early portion of our evening. 

We talked for a while about a couple of blog posts, yesterdays here (so that he was up to speed on what I was thinking), and one I've been sitting on for a couple of months on my other blog, the topic on the table is significant enough to warrant discussion, the chastity is a game, playing D/s is a game, he is my partner, I love and respect him tremendously. He blessed the post and I published it right then and there. 

After talking I unlocked Mr. Maus and we took a shower together where he shaved my pussy -- that must have brought me back around, as well my dinner  must have soaked into my system as I returned to a buzzed state and stayed there. After the shower I had him to put on a green satin teddy I had laid out for him. I told him to get into a submissive pose - for as kinky and submissive as Mr. Maus is, he has apparently never actually been properly topped for he was unfamiliar with this posture, or he was playing me to show him so that he would do it absolutely correctly -- once in his place before me I asked him to justify his transgressions of the week.  We agreed that independent ass training qualifies and masturbating and, we agreed that he is not allowed to masturbate himself.  While he talked I stroked his cock through the satin of the lingerie, I love watching his body shudder with pleasure under my touch, to hear his breath catch and to see his train of thought derailed is highly amusing and sexy at the same time.  

We also agreed that he owed me at least one orgasm. I fully expected that to be a brief exercise, but  no, no it wasn't. He had me on the edge for what seemed like forever but I didn't orgasm at all, it felt so good I didn't want it to stop, but I was trying to cum, maybe trying too hard. Maybe too tipsy. When we stopped for a break, I looked at the clock when I got up and it was almost 6 am!  He was edging me forever!  SIX in the morning! At that point we called it a night, good college try but too tired to cary on.  

I didn't get to torture him at all! I'm a little sad, I was looking forward to seeing how his independent ass training worked out. I had every intention of stuffing my dirty panties in his mouth, duct taping them in place; cling wrapping his whole body, cutting a hole to pull his cock and balls through and then bending him over to cut a hole for his ass; place a bowl under him; then fisting him until I milked his prostate dry.  I was anxious to hear him whine about feeling like he had to pee so I could tell him to  pee in the bowl. He keeps stopping to use the toilet when I think we're getting somewhere, I want to break him of that so that he learns the different sensations. I wanted to milk him so I can fuck him until I cum. As noted above, that could take hours. Next week I guess.  He's lucky I'm not this mean (NSFW). 

He slept in the green teddy, which I can't imagine was very comfortable. When I woke up today I thought "Man I want to orgasm". I found a pair of scissors and cut the teddy off his body and climbed on top of him to rub my pussy up and down his cock to make it hard so I could fuck him... It was clear his head was somewhere else, distracted by something more powerful than my naked body on top of his. Work. Damnit!  Before he got dressed I handed him a pair of my panties and a bra to wear under his clothes. If he was going to leave me to work on his house then the grip of my dainties was to be wrapped around his balls. 

Back in the cage he goes for another 10 days maybe longer as I'm in the throws of final projects. He is due to come out for an orgasm on the 12th, my last day of finals for the semester is the 16th, my birthday is the 17th, he may just have to wait until the 17th. At that point what is five more days? I, on the other hand may just have to rub one out so that I can focus on my homework rather than obsessing on sex.

When we talked last night he said something I thought was really funny - that he thinks I may be  kinkier than he is, or at least as kinky as he is. I find this amusing because I don't really think of myself as very kinky at all, and I think of him as truly perverted. It's all perspective I guess. 

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