Saturday, November 26, 2011

His Clinking Tag Make Me Smile

Not a very exciting update. This week has been kind of mellow. By far the least hot-and-heavy-horny-OMG-were-is-your-cock week we've had in a very long time. I think this is as a result of a couple things, one Mr. Maus was experiencing some discomfort with his CB3K and we've been spending more time than usual together.

When I locked Mr. Maus earlier this week he switched to a smaller ring with his CB3k, since then he had been a little complainy about experiencing pain with the newly fitted ring that was a notch or four  above the expected discomfort of wearing a chastity device. He wanted to give it a few days to see if his junk would settle into be comfortable with it, but as I witnessed his discomfort I unlocked him the other night so he could switch the ring back to a more comfortable one.  He's much less complainy (not complainy at all actually) and in a better mood now.  I'm not into sustained pain that isn't directly related to active play time - I've sustained enough of my own injuries to know that actual lingering pain sucks donkey balls and that is not the kind of pain I want to inflict upon anybody, that's just not how I roll.

The other day I put an ownership tag on his lock, a heart shaped tag that's about the same color as my hair (a silly color), with my name engraved on it. I've quite enjoyed hearing the tag and lock tinkle/clink together as he moves about. Every time I hear it I'm reminded that he has given himself over to me and it makes me beam with joy and bliss. I'm very much in love with Mr. Maus, the clink is a tiny bit of assurance that adds to my contentedness <insert goofy smiley face>.

Recently we talked about what we wanted to get out of the experience of blogging together.  For me it's a place that I can talk about an aspect of my life that I can't really discuss on my regular blog without  outting the both of us. I don't mind outting myself on any topic - I was born waving a freak flag and I hold myself accountable for the most deplorable behaviors, but I'm still working out how to introduce my regular readership to my new freakier than me partner and, or introduce them to the territory we're venturing into. Together we're exploring some intimate space that may not be appropriate to work out with people we socialize, live, camp and work with. We're both hetero-queer (this is nothing new to either of our pools of friends) but the finer aggregates if our kinks, body images, gender and sexual identities are areas of exploration that are frankly none of their business just yet. It'll be unavoidable eventually but for now we have this free place to express ourselves without direct association - a place to try on the outting conversations, let them wash over us, get used to the idea of sharing the intimate workings of our well protected dark spots.

We've been considering stretching our legs to write more lascivious material. Mr. Maus expressed an interest in exploring fantasy writing. I'm probably more inclined to tell it like it is than express my imagination (real life is weird enough). We'll see how this develops, this is a new blog and a new experience for both of us. Anonymity is liberating, but takes a little getting used to =)  However for the next few weeks our blogging will likely be slow or, short or, uneventful as Mr. Maus is finishing up a physical project and moving house, and I'm heading into final projects at school. Denial by being too busy to play. That's some harsh denial! We're both suffering.

Perchaps we'll use the next few busy weeks to introduce ourselves to you. We're real, weird but not really weird.


  1. By 'hetero-queer' do you mean 'bi'? I've never heard that expression before...

  2. When I learned the phrase I understood it to mean LGBT (and other flavors of not particularly straight) ally who may practice sexual and or gender activities which cannot not be classified as heteronormative.

    someone here said this about it

    Queer heterosexuality typically refers to heterosexual butch women, or heterosexual femme men. Basically, a 'straight' person who has traits of the queer community, whether it's mannerisms, appearance, lifestyle or even drag-performances.

    Not many people realize you can be as queer as a holiday fruitcake without being homosexual, bisexual, lesbian or transgendered.

    Wiki says "The range of what queer includes varies. In addition to referring to LGBT-identifying people, it can also encompass: pansexual, pomosexual, intersexual, genderqueer, asexual and autosexual people, and even gender normative heterosexuals whose sexual orientations or activities place them outside the heterosexual-defined mainstream, e.g., BDSM practitioners, or polyamorous persons."

    For Mr. Maus and I it means that we are heterosexual, I am butch, he is femme and we are BDSM practitioners.